Cop or Not?

cop or not?

like hot or not, only much more meaningful. much more.

Welcome to yet another feature here at StreetSneak; Cop or Not?  No, we haven’t ripped off the horribly petty web-site HotorNot, but we sure have come close…

We scoped this set of Nike Dunk Highs on our our way into the office on this otherwise gloomy morning. Quite the kicks to be wearing on a day with a chance of rain…but hey, they ain’t my shoes.  Black tan leather outsole, dark brown patent leather midsole with some detailing on the toe box and upper back make for an overall nice presentation. Even tucked in the jeans for full exposure.

UPDATE 3:20pm est: After doing a little internet research, the kicks above are the extremely limited Nike Dunk Highs Mighty Crown Edition, made for the Mighty Crown DJ crew out of Japan. These were a Tier 0 release and completely sold out in stores within hours. Rumor has it that  only 1000 were made.

So….Cop or Not?


1 Response to “Cop or Not?”

  1. 1 jack schlarsico 06/14/2009 at 3:56 am

    shit’s ugly. i’m all for brown and intricate designs. but the dark brown ruins it.

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