peek a boo

trick or sneak

trick or sneak

As the sneaker game continues to expand and different camps roll out various special editions that coincide with holidays, movie releases, and random nuggets of pop culture (see: Quagmire Dunks), sneakerheads must be conscious of certain societal norms that have developed as a result of seemingly boundless sneaker varietals.

Take the above  for example. We caught these Nike Dunks Halloween Pack riding the uptown 6 at Union Square on a warm June afternoon. Trick or treaters’ were no where to be seen. The cool refreshing breeze of Fall was most definitely not felt, only the sticky sweat emanating from our fellow straphangers.  The point is, with the amount of special editions and colorways currently out in the market, it is borderline faux pas (yes that’s how you spell it) to choose a sneaker that in no way relates to the season, hometown sports team dominance, or current political event (Air Sotomayors?).


1 Response to “peek a boo”

  1. 1 Anonymous 06/12/2009 at 4:47 pm

    I would be willing to let some halloween dunks slide for the entire months of october and november, but june is really stretching it. Step your game up.

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