User Submission: Roy G. Biv

What would their babies look like?

What would their babies look like?

User submission number two brings us our first domestic entry, and to be honest, it perplexed the StreetSneaks just a little bit.  After getting over the initial shock of that much color in such a small area, we pulled out our magnifying glasses and took to identifying the shoes – our specialty – but this wasn’t as cut and dry as our usual cases.  First instinct: Terminators in the front, Court Forces in the back.  But, the upper on the “Terminators” doesn’t look normal (are they fake?) and we’ve never seen that colorway on “Court Forces.”  Our research is done and we have our final answers, but we want to take this opportunity to open it up to the readers:

Can you ID these shoes?  Have you seen either of these colorways before?  Are these your shoes?  If they’re actually yours, please confirm with us, and then you should probably change.


1 Response to “User Submission: Roy G. Biv”

  1. 1 jack Schlarsico 06/16/2009 at 6:48 am

    i think their babies would either be really good looking or really ugly.

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