Daaaaaaammmmnnnnn Kobe!

original kobe's - puppet not included

original kobe's - puppet not included

Before Kobe was a puppet (and sponsored by Nike), his first set of kicks out of high school were none other than this fly pair of Adidas. I personally owned these sneakers back in 1997 and got a little nostalgic when I saw them on the train the other day.  Though I was known as a Nike man for most of my upbringing (see Bar Mitzvah theme: I Just Did It at Mike’s Bar Mitzvah 11/9/96!), I changed my allegiance for this one pair when I started my Freshman basketball season.  I can’t really explain what motivated me to defect and try an otherwise new and inexperienced player in the basketball field, but it might have been the hair:

the kobe fro

the kobe fro

Most people liked the Kobe’s for Adidas’ comfort factor, but what really turned heads was the interesting design. Though unconfirmed, I think Adidas designed the Kobe’s off a liberal interpretation of Nike’s old school Charles Barkley models in the early 90’s:

Nike CB34 circa 1995

Nike CB34 circa 1995


and for your viewing enjoyment…


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