Terminal FAIL at Terminal FIVE


This was most definitely NOT a night of (sneaker) pimps up and (s)hoes down, as much as I wanted it to be.

Sneaker Pimps, the self-proclaimed traveling “sneaker lifestyle exhibition” went down this past Friday in NYC and the StreetSneaks were invited to take part, even managing to finagle special press credentials (that’s right: established!). You would think that an event of such renown (sneakers people, sneakers!) would be run as smoothly as possible to ensure that positive press flowed like the wine at a Roman bacchanal (or Cristal at Big Boi’s after party). Yet, as the StreetSneaks quickly learned, things don’t go always as planned…

Now we’re not quite sure where the disconnect happened, or if part of the blame should be shouldered by Sneaker Pimps, but it certainly seemed that it was the overall ineptitude of Terminal Five staff that caused the StreetSneaks, as well as a few other leading NYC sneaker connoisseurs and taste-makers (shout to KATC and EVR) to be left out in the cold, vowing never to return.

Sadly, we ended up missing the rap show….and the sneaker exchange….and the “life-style exhibition.” But not all hope was lost. You know that sneakerhead New Yorkers would certainly  bring their ‘A” sneakergame to sneaker/rap show:

outside sneaker pimps, where we stayed...all night

outside sneaker pimps, where we stayed...all night

the inepts at work

the inepts at work, too embarrassed to show their faces

some heat on the street

some heat on the street

Be on the look-out all this week as we bring you more of the Sneaker Pimps aftermath


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