Photographing your Collection

Nike Dunk SB, Barf edition

Nike Dunk SB, Barf edition

How much do you love your shoes? The Streetsneaks have encountered a lot of people who photograph their kicks as soon as they get them home. It may seem a bit excessive, and it definitely is, but sneakerheads are a strange bunch. A few quick photos of your new purchase allows you to send to friends, post on message boards or even keep a catalog of your personal collection.

Nike Air Force 1 West Indies edition

Nike Air Force 1 West Indies edition

The photos above are from the personal collection of this Streetsneak, circa 2004. First, we have a pair of Nike Dunk SBs. They were known as the “barfs” for their assortment of darker colors that many people were not fond of. They were one of my favorites though; a colorway that goes with almost anything and a gum sole to top it off.

The second photo is the West Indies edition of the Nike Air Force 1s. This was the third and final installment of the West Indies pack that was created in the early 2000s. Rare but not super rare, it’s a clean looking shoe featuring little quirks such as palm trees on the rear of the shoe and a listing of West Indian countries on the inside of the shoe.

How many out there photograph their collection? Send pictures to and they will get posted. I’m not talking about a standard User Submission, I’m talking about images from the archives. We want to see your collections…!


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