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User Submission (and our first Reeboks)

20 years in the game and still kickin'

20 years in the game and still kickin'

The latest User Submission comes to us via the StreetSneak facebook page (, and actually turns out to be the first pair of Reeboks featured on the site. Believe it or not, there was a time when Reebok legitimately competed with Nike. Reeboks downward spiral aside, its always nice to see a pair of Pumps. 2009 amazingly marks the 20th anniversary of this innovative shoe and brings back fond memories of Dee Brown ( and my own childhood pursuits of this sneaker.

This particular pump is one of two pair in the “Monsters” pack.

Below, we have a bonus – Nike Air Max 1 “Lanciero Brasil” – also submitted by the same user. Big shout out to everyone who sends me pics…keep them coming.



Basket Weaved Laces


I had these pictures of basket weaved laces on a pair of Chuck Taylors sent to me, and I found them to be pretty interesting. I’ve seen shoes with two pairs of laces – even basket weaved laces – but they never looked quite like this. I don’t know the first thing about basket weaving so you’ll never catch this style of lacing on one of my pairs, but you gotta appreciate the innovation and creativity.

Anyone out there lace their kicks in an interesting or unusual way? Send me pictures…


Chicks in (100 pairs of) Kicks



A friend of mine is a doctor and sees a weekly patient who claims she has 100+ pairs of Nike’s. The patient has agreed to wear a different pair each week, and the doctor has agreed to snap a new picture each time, at which point I will share with all of you. Week #1, above, is the Scarface Air Force 1’s; I’ll admit I don’t know much about these shoes – how limited are they? when did they drop? etc. – but they are an Air Force 1 created for one of the most popular gangster movies of all time, and therefore certainly worthy of StreetSneak. This isn’t Cop or Not, just the first installment of a weekly showcase, but feel free to comment.

Sneakers, heeere!

True, there are probably better ways to spend one’s free time than to trawl eBay for limiteds we refuse to pay store premiums for, but honestly, we haven’t found much better to do in this ridiculous heat. Most of the time this endeavor requires sifting through some ungeniune, too-good-to-be-true posts to get to the quality. Luckily there is a new site that has the potential to seperate the good from the ugly, the freshness from the stale. Introducing SneakerListing, a new website that allows users to post and list their sneakers at prices they set themselves, sort of like an online interactive consignment shop. eBay and those hawking their wares on Canal Street beware. This recession friendly service is perfect for those who heavily invested on lace futures. Its tough to tell how succesful SneakerListing will be since, unlike eBay whose got PayPal settin the record straight, it’s still relying on the honor system .  This is something ‘heads have constant trouble with since you can barely trust them to not swipe you spot in line when you go to take a piss after you’ve been waitin up all night for the newest drop at Reed Space.

De La Soul HIGHS

The De La Highs needed some love

The De La Highs needed some love

Over the past two weeks the low top version of the De La Soul Dunk SBs have been getting some shine, so now it’s time to give it up for the High’s. Besides featuring the De La Soul ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ album cover, there really aren’t any similarities between the Low’s and the High’s.

To see for yourself, and for a chance to vote on which of the two you prefer, keep reading.

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Alife: Cop or Not?


Somewhat surprisingly (I guess it depends on who you ask, and how much they consider Alife – the brand, not the store – to be integrated into the sneaker culture), the above picture is the first time a pair of Alife sneakers have made it onto The featured photo is of the “Public Outrage” model, a sleek low top shoe with the name ALIFE emblazoned across the back in rather large letters.

Some people think Alife is the dopest brand they’ve ever seen, while some people find their gear a little over done and wish they wouldn’t print their name all over everything (these kicks are the perfect example). I would say I fall somewhere in the middle; I’ve got a lot of respect for the brand and have no problem rocking it, but I’ll admit this particular pair of shoes would be more appealing without the large lettering across the back. Depending on how much is showing, it can look a little tacky.

Here’s the chance for you to voice your opinion: Cop or Not? The Alife edition. Drop a vote below, and as always, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

Just a Friend


Biz Markie is getting a little friendly with these sneakers. Can you name what they are? Leave a comment.