Body Glove?!

Never knew they made sneakers

Never knew they made sneakers

A friend of the StreetSneaks was recently in Tokyo, and was pretty blown away when Body Glove sneakers started popping up. This is Body Glove as in the surf brand that I would see when I was younger and haven’t heard from in at least 10-15 years. I did a bit of research; Body Glove has been around since 1953 and fashion themselves as a surf/watersports brand. No mention of brightly colored sneakers. In fact, when you go to the Body Glove website and click on “footwear,” water shoes and sandals are the only returns.

Keep reading for more Body Glove kicks…


Are these Body Glove sneakers available in Japan only? Is that where brands go to produce new models outside of their normal style and earn new revenue, thinking no one will ever know? Or is that just where they go to die? So many questions, so few answers.


These aren’t Body Gloves, just another shoe found in Tokyo with a bit too much patented leather.


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