Facebook User Submission

Sneakers on the couch?!

Sneakers on the couch?!

The above picture (and pictures on the next page) come to us from one of StreetSneak’s new friends on facebook. If you’re not already friends with us, swing by facebook.com/streetsneak and make that happen.

The above Dunk SB mids are so fresh and clean (I removed the second “so” just to make sure I wasn’t quoting Outkast) that their owner clearly doesn’t have any problem putting them on the couch. They are also strapped; for more commentary on strapped vs. unstrapped, check out our June 5th post.

Keep reading for the rest of the user submission:


Up top we have the pair still being tried on, below we have the beaters.  Opposite ends of the spectrum.  Big shout for sending the pics.  If anyone else has pictures – either of their own collection, or just what they see while walking the streets – get at us and we’ll put your pictures up.



1 Response to “Facebook User Submission”

  1. 1 tom hofmann 08/13/2009 at 11:40 am

    just beautiful! nike dunk sb are just tooooo dope!

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