Sneakers, heeere!

True, there are probably better ways to spend one’s free time than to trawl eBay for limiteds we refuse to pay store premiums for, but honestly, we haven’t found much better to do in this ridiculous heat. Most of the time this endeavor requires sifting through some ungeniune, too-good-to-be-true posts to get to the quality. Luckily there is a new site that has the potential to seperate the good from the ugly, the freshness from the stale. Introducing SneakerListing, a new website that allows users to post and list their sneakers at prices they set themselves, sort of like an online interactive consignment shop. eBay and those hawking their wares on Canal Street beware. This recession friendly service is perfect for those who heavily invested on lace futures. Its tough to tell how succesful SneakerListing will be since, unlike eBay whose got PayPal settin the record straight, it’s still relying on the honor system .  This is something ‘heads have constant trouble with since you can barely trust them to not swipe you spot in line when you go to take a piss after you’ve been waitin up all night for the newest drop at Reed Space.


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