Store Report: Flight Club NY

Welcome to yet another feature here at StreetSneak. Every Wednesday we’ll bring you updates from the very best (and sometimes very worst) spots that hawk those flat-soled goods you so desperately crave.


Today’s installment: Flight Club NY, Greene Street.

Flight Club NY is not your grandfather’s Footlocker. For starters, the walls are stocked with other people’s sneakers. A strange fact when you consider the traditional sneaker store model. Technically, everything you see belongs to some Joe Shmoe at home since Flight Club operates as a consignment shop. The routine goes as follows: you bring them the sneakers that you want to sell, and after working with one of their knowledgeable sneaker-market consultants (awesome job title) to set a fair price (one that someone will actually pay), they then agree to sell your kicks at one of their physical stores as well as through their website¬† for a fee. 80/20 split to be exact.


how to catch a sneakerhead: leave the door open

What about fakes you ask? Before shrink-wrapping those Air Canal Streets you just brought in and putting them up on the wall, a member of the Flight Club team does a rigorous check of each shoe to ensure authenticity, quality, and wear-ability. Variety is definitely Flight Club’s strength. On the day that I rolled through, there was plenty to choose from; Jordan’s, SB Dunks, the entire Air Max line, even some old Penny’s. But with all that selection, there is the problem of sizing. Or lack there of. Most of the time, many of the shoes up on the wall are the only one’s in stock, leaving you to squeeze into that 1 size too small Dunk. A familiar problem for sure. Just wear some thin socks. Or maybe no socks. Or is that gross?

Flight Club


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