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Any of you been to Rothman’s lately? Anyone ever even heard of Rothman’s? I must have walked by the Union Square store 100 times but never noticed it (my wardrobe beyond jeans is pretty limited), until the other day when I peered through the window and saw suit clad mannequins rocking sneakers. Batman Reeboks are above.

I unsuccessfully scoured the web trying to find information about this new sneakers on suits exhibit, but only found out that they have a relationship with ESPN and provide clothes for some of their on-air talent.

Anyone know anything about this? I’m intrigued, but probably not enough to go back.


Jive Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all you sneakerheads out there. StreetSneak will be in a food coma until Monday.

Pass the gravy…

Brandwatch: Li Ning

What you have before you is a fresh pair of Li Nings that I saw waiting for the Queens bound 7 train at Grand Central. Li Ning, the famous Chinese Olympian (not to be confused with the 6th century Tang Dynasty prince) won 6 gold medals at the 1984 Olympics and literally flew through the air to light the torch at the ’08 games. After retiring from competitive sport, he went ahead and started himself a little sporting apparel company to outfit his fellow Chinese athletes. Well, his little company ain’t so little anymore.

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Blazer Pentium 1.0

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Have any of you dorks seen these yet? Self proclaimed “junk artist” Gabriel Dishaw recently paid homage to the Nike Blazer with what he is calling the “Blazer Pentium 1.0.” I can’t speak on the wearability of these custom kicks, but what sneakerhead is overly concerned with comfort anyway? Keep reading for more pics.

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Red Bull BC One

Now in its 6th year, Red Bull BC One has established itself as the most important B-Boy (breakdancing) battle in the world, and the de facto world championship. The event is in a new country each year and I had the pleasure of attending the first BC One in the U.S. last night in NYC.  As can be expected, I had my eyes on the footwear and saw a sampling of everything; Adidas shell toes, Puma’s, high and low Nike Dunks.  Keep reading for  a picture of the winner (and his shoes).

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Cop or Not: Mids

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dunk Mids make me a little uncomfortable. Yes, they’ve grown on me and yes, Nike has put together some great colors and designs, but they’re still a little awkward.

This Dunk Mid indecisiveness can only mean one thing: its time for some Cop or Not?! Let us know how you like your Dunks. And thanks to the reader who sent this picture in. As always, submissions are encouraged.

Laced Ladies: Jordan 8


Fake? Yes. Cool? You be the judge.

At StreetSneak we applaud innovation and creativity. Sometimes however, there are lines that should not be crossed. These Jordan 8 x Canal Street kicks high heels sneakerlettos with 4″ heels piqued my interest; I’m just not sure I’d ever want to see any females I know wearing them.

Ladies (and gents), what do you think?