Store Report: Dave’s Quality Meat

It’s Wednesday, and we weren’t kidding when we said the store report would be weekly.


This week we take a look at Dave’s Quality Meat.

The creation of Dave, a former Zoo York employee, Dave’s Quality Meat has quickly worked its way up the NYC sneaker store food chain.  I remember hearing about and hitting up DQM back in 2004 when it had just opened; it was your typical cool sneaker boutique, but as only a fraction of what it has become today, I did sort of wonder how it would survive.  Five consistent years later, DQM has a full line of clothing, as good of a sneaker selection as you will find, and the respect of just about every sneaker head in the tri-state area.


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After working your way through the fresh and sometimes amusing DQM clothing and the cool, but mostly common Vans, you get to the bread and butter of Dave’s Quality Meat (and most sneaker stores for that matter); the Nikes.  With a mixture of somewhat limited Blazers and Air Max’s and some very commonplace Dunk SBs, I was actually left feeling pretty lukewarm about what I saw.  The selection was extensive and makes DQM better than 90% of the sneaker shops out there, but Nike and their overproduced SB line are growing a little tiresome.  That’s a whole other conversation.  For the time being, should you check out Dave’s Quality Meat?  Of course!  An NYC sneaker shopping trip would not be complete without it.  And while you’re there, say hi to Dave’s pug, Squishy.


1 Response to “Store Report: Dave’s Quality Meat”

  1. 1 KeS 11/04/2009 at 10:37 pm

    I was at dqm recently…it was real good.

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