In Transit: DQM Lone Wolf

Waiting for the other?

Don’t know how. Don’t know why.

Spotted this Nike Dunk High flying solo on the downtown F platform at Delancey Street this past Saturday night. When one usually spots a ratty sneaker lying around NYC, the event doesn’t usually rank too high on the double-take meter. And it is most certainly not something to blog about…

But I indeed double-took (double-taked?) and I indeed went home to blog about it because what I saw happened to be of a very limited variety. The kick in question is actually from last year’s Dave’s Quality Meat Dunk High premium release which can go for anywhere up to 200 big ones. In fact, the DQM Nike Dunk Highs were ranked as the 29th best sneaker of the last decade by Complex Mag. Not too shabby.

But I had no time to wait for the other shoe to drop. Saturday night on the LES waits for no man. But it does make you wonder whether or not there’s some dude out there roaming the streets with half a set of fresh Dunks on his feet.


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