On the Street: Let it Snow

Any smart sneakerhead will tell you that a snowstorm means high-quality leathers and suedes must retreat to the closet until the weather blows over. No risk in ruining a great pair over something as silly as snow. But still, what to wear? In the past the arrival of bad weather meant chucking on some rubbers (no, not those rubbers) with only one goal in mind; staying dry. Winter has long been an ongoing victory of function over form in terms of footwear.

However, retailers have recently made overtures to the mal-weather style conscience enabling people to make statements in the slush.

Might I recommend a solid waterproof construction with rubber out-soles and a simple silhouette for style:

The Tretorn Strala: Streetsneak approved

So what do you rock when the weather gets rocky?


1 Response to “On the Street: Let it Snow”

  1. 1 Anonymous 12/21/2009 at 4:24 pm

    I’ve got moon boots for when I’m really going to do some stomping around, but it’s my Gore-Tex Nike Dunk Highs for when I still want to feel like a sneaker head.

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