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Cop or Not?

It’s been a minute since we ran a Cop or Not (our bread and butter) or posted a Dunk SB, and you know we’re all about multi-tasking at StreetSneak, so it seemed like the perfect time to fuse these two old favorites. Say what you will about the ubiquitous Dunk SB and its seeming mass production, they still put out some of the hottest shoes you will find. The yellow above is bold, but I’m kind of feeling them. What do you think?


Cop or Not: Mids

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dunk Mids make me a little uncomfortable. Yes, they’ve grown on me and yes, Nike has put together some great colors and designs, but they’re still a little awkward.

This Dunk Mid indecisiveness can only mean one thing: its time for some Cop or Not?! Let us know how you like your Dunks. And thanks to the reader who sent this picture in. As always, submissions are encouraged.

Cop or Not: Jordan Polka Dots


The all-over dotted theme was all the rage in ’08. Making its way on to tee’s, hooded sweatshirts, and even sneakers, it seemed like there was no stopping the dots from world-wide domination. Yet, like all fashion trends, it slowly faded and retreated into the night, never to be seen again.

But some are still holding on…as was evidenced on a walk down in Soho over the glorious weekend. Can the dots survive all the way through the next decade? Or is the dot finally dead? Weigh in with the ultimate sign of approval, Cop or Not.



Laced Ladies meets Cop or Not



It’s Thursday, which means Laced Ladies, but we’re also mixing in a Cop or Not. Worlds are colliding! We’re killing two birds with one stone, so the least you can do is leave one vote. For the ladies, Cop or Not? For the dudes, does it get your approval or not?

Cop or Not: Electric Green, Union Square



New Balance: Cop or Not?

New Balance, looking rather fashionable

New Balance, as seen in the East Village last week

New Balance is a really interesting sneaker brand. They attempt to run with the big boys but have never bought into the marketing hype. For the longest time they did very minimal advertising, and to this day still don’t have a roster of athletes under their sponsorship. But they manage to move units. In my footwear retail days of the last millennium, New Balance was a legitimate competitor to Nike without really having a fashionable line.

I really don’t know where NB stands on the footwear hierarchy today, but it does seem like they are making a bigger push to be more than just an athletic shoe and create sneakers that people will want to wear on looks alone. The picture above is an example. Are they successful? Let us know. Cop or Not?

Asics: Cop or Not?


Here we have something a little bit different; Asics. Generally most popular among core runners, Asics has created a number of non-running sneakers over the past few years. They’re fashionable, and definitely fall into the sneaker category, I’m just not sure if sneakerheads ever really went for these.

Sneakerhead or not, here’s your chance: Cop or Not?