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I need your help

These Irons have been on ice for way too long

I’m not into the whole deadstock thing. I think shoes are meant to be worn and you shouldn’t have to go to your closet to show off your most prized pairs. With that being said, I have built up a decent sized collection over the years and not everything goes straight into rotation. Days turn in to months, months turn in to years, and then you find yourself looking for (and often unable to find) that perfect occasion to actually pull them out, knowing that you will have to deal with looking down at your feet with every step that you take. Whew.

Anyway, it’s time for me to bring a new pair into the rotation and I want your help. Keep reading to see two more candidates and vote on which pair should come out of the cooler and onto my feet.

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They’re here! We weren’t joking about StreetSneak t-shirts. Stay tuned and you might just have a fresh new tee to start the new year.

No Shoes Allowed

I had the pleasure of spending some time recently in Egypt, and while the shoe game over there wasn’t anything to blog about, I did want to share one picture. It is from the Mosque of Mohamed Ali at the Citadel, where no shoes were allowed. There was a spot at the entrance to leave your shoes as well as a throng of aspiring entrepreneurs selling drawstring bags to wear over your shoes for five Egyptian Pounds (roughly one American dollar). Most people however chose to carry their shoes.

Jive Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all you sneakerheads out there. StreetSneak will be in a food coma until Monday.

Pass the gravy…

Red Bull BC One

Now in its 6th year, Red Bull BC One has established itself as the most important B-Boy (breakdancing) battle in the world, and the de facto world championship. The event is in a new country each year and I had the pleasure of attending the first BC One in the U.S. last night in NYC.  As can be expected, I had my eyes on the footwear and saw a sampling of everything; Adidas shell toes, Puma’s, high and low Nike Dunks.  Keep reading for  a picture of the winner (and his shoes).

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User Submission


The picture above comes from my friend Max ( in San Francisco. He and I have worked on past projects together and he is one of the more creative people I’ve ever encountered. Max sent me this picture recently, and while I wasn’t exactly sure how to incorporate it, I was pretty amused and knew it had to go up on StreetSneak.

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