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In Transit: Nike AF1 “All” Conditions Gear

Spotted on the downtown 6 last week (pre-snowpocalypse), these limited editions are actually a collaboration between two distinct Nike product lines: ACG, or All Conditions Gear, and the Nike Air Force One. Nike applied ACG’s protective materials, such as industrial leathers, to the classic design of the Nike Air Force One for the first time in this 2008 release. Though the label might say “All Conditions Gear,” I’m not sure the mixture of dirt, slush, oil, urine, and garbage that’s currently on the city streets was one of the conditions tested. But, hey, its worth a try!


In Transit: DQM Lone Wolf

Waiting for the other?

Don’t know how. Don’t know why.

Spotted this Nike Dunk High flying solo on the downtown F platform at Delancey Street this past Saturday night. When one usually spots a ratty sneaker lying around NYC, the event doesn’t usually rank too high on the double-take meter. And it is most certainly not something to blog about…

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Rainy Day Blues, UES

Sometimes the weather here in NYC is just so utterly depressing that no matter what you got goin on, it just seems to bring you down into a some meteorologically induced funk. It’s been raining all day, with no end i sight. I even think those people on TV who get paid to be wrong all the time (achem, sorry, weathermen) are talking about a nor’easter. Damn, wasn’t it summer like a minute ago? Times like these makes me jealous of the peeps whose only worry is how high the tide is gonna be.

I was headed back uptown, and I saw these Vans hanging at the back of the bus.


Sums up the mood quite well.

In Transit


Air Jordan I Retro High HOF

patented pending

patented pending

boss tweeds

boss tweeds

no socks, no problem

no socks, no problem


purple rose

A Checkered Past


Did you know:

“English draughts, known simply as draughts in the United Kingdom and some other countries, and also called American checkers, straight checkers, or simply checkers, is a form of the draughts board game played on an 8×8 board with 12 pieces on each side that may only initially move and capture diagonally forwards.”

Interesting. Thanks Wikipedia for another invaluable nugget of useless information!

Real or Fake?

Bathing Ape

Bathing Ape

You always have to be careful when it comes to Bapes; there are just far too many fakes out there roaming the internet. I’ve never owned a pair of Bapes and won’t claim to be an expert, but I’m interested to know if we have any experts and hear what they might think. Real or Fake?

User Submission: Sneaking on the Subway

Not even sure what these are

Not even sure what these are

The picture is blurry and the shoe is not recognized, but it is a User Submission with a story, and therefore makes it onto A fan and fellow Street Sneaker captured this pic on the subway, en route to work. After snapping the picture, the (cell phone) photographer was asked, “Why did you just do that?” After a brief pause, no response was given. Some people just don’t understand.

Anyway…does anyone know what the F these are?