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On the Street: Let it Snow

Any smart sneakerhead will tell you that a snowstorm means high-quality leathers and suedes must retreat to the closet until the weather blows over. No risk in ruining a great pair over something as silly as snow. But still, what to wear? In the past the arrival of bad weather meant chucking on some rubbers (no, not those rubbers) with only one goal in mind; staying dry. Winter has long been an ongoing victory of function over form in terms of footwear.

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Any of you been to Rothman’s lately? Anyone ever even heard of Rothman’s? I must have walked by the Union Square store 100 times but never noticed it (my wardrobe beyond jeans is pretty limited), until the other day when I peered through the window and saw suit clad mannequins rocking sneakers. Batman Reeboks are above.

I unsuccessfully scoured the web trying to find information about this new sneakers on suits exhibit, but only found out that they have a relationship with ESPN and provide clothes for some of their on-air talent.

Anyone know anything about this? I’m intrigued, but probably not enough to go back.

On the Street: Pimpin Ain’t Easy


Spotted this guy in City Hall Park yesterday. SERIOUSLY.

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On the Street: NYC Marathon Edition


Yesterday over 40,000 people ran through the streets of the five boroughs in the 2009 NYC Marathon. Some ran for a cause. Some ran for the fun of it. And some simply ran faster than others.

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On the Street: Rain Gear, 86th & 3rd


Developing: People matching their footwear to their parasol (that’s fancy speak for umbrella).

That is all.

Roger, Soho

gotta have soul

gotta have soul

I stopped into the Uniqlo down in SoHo to pick up some flannels (so hot right now, flannels) and spied these fresh beats just before I got to the door.

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What I’m Wearing

What you know about Clae?

What you know about Clae?

Whether you care or not, I’m sharing what are on my feet today: Clae – Diego. More than anything, I just want to talk about the Clae brand. 16 models deep, Clae has been around for a few years now and is quickly climbing the ladder in the slightly more upscale sneaker category. This might sound nerdy even for sneakerheads, but my favorite thing about Claes are their shape. You need to try on a pair for yourself.