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User Submission


The picture above comes from my friend Max ( in San Francisco. He and I have worked on past projects together and he is one of the more creative people I’ve ever encountered. Max sent me this picture recently, and while I wasn’t exactly sure how to incorporate it, I was pretty amused and knew it had to go up on StreetSneak.

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User Submission: Words, Beats & Life


Sometimes the story behind a pair of sneakers goes beyond how exclusive they are or where you got them. The User Submission above comes from Words, Beats & Life in Washington, D.C., where they use hip hop as a vehicle for education. These particular Nike Blazers belong to a Words, Beats & Life student and are specked with paint from writing graffiti as part of the WBL program.

A friend of the StreetSneak’s is capturing the efforts of Words, Beats & Life in a yet to be released documentary, The District Rhyme. From what has been shot so far, TDR looks very promising, important and most of all, extremely dope. Check out the trailer here and go to for more info.

Krazi Junction


For those that have been following the site, this is the third time now that we’ve posted pictures of the Krazi Junction brand. Through StreetSneak, I connected with a dude who was telling me about the shoe brand that he started, Krazi Junction. From designing to marketing, he runs all aspects of the brand. He’s always showed love to StreetSneak, so when he sends me pics of his latest designs I like to get them up for the people to see.

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Facebook Submission

New B vs. Air Max

New B vs. Air Max

As always, major props to everyone who sends pictures via e-mail and facebook. Here’s a little something we got on facebook…check us out!

User Submission: Sneaking on the Subway

Not even sure what these are

Not even sure what these are

The picture is blurry and the shoe is not recognized, but it is a User Submission with a story, and therefore makes it onto A fan and fellow Street Sneaker captured this pic on the subway, en route to work. After snapping the picture, the (cell phone) photographer was asked, “Why did you just do that?” After a brief pause, no response was given. Some people just don’t understand.

Anyway…does anyone know what the F these are?

User Submission


This User Submission actually comes from the guy who created the above shoe; the Krazi Junction 41 Flatline. We’ve previously featured a few pairs of Krazi Junction kicks on the site. From what I’ve seen out of KJ, the collection appears to be pretty diverse…athletic shoes, dress shoes, womens shoes, etc. I’ve never had a pair on my feet so I can’t actually tell you how they fit or feel.

Gotta appreciate the hustle of a dude creating his own line of shoes. What do you guys think of the above shoe?

Brooklyn Brewery User Submission

BK's finest

BK's finest

The holiday weekend was a good one, and as you can see from this User Submission snapped at the Brooklyn Brewery, sneakerheads took some time to relax and enjoy themselves. This picture features a pair of Nike Dunks – not sure of the particular model – and what I believe to be a Brooklyn Lager. Beer on me for whoever can accurately name what model of Dunk this is.