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Calling all StreetSneakers

About six weeks ago we promised you a weekly Store Report every Wednesday. We made good on that for a few weeks but the holidays have proven to be a hindrance to the StreetSneak’s progress. Come 2010 – after we’ve had our fill of egg nog and turkey – we will most definitely be back on track with Store Reports and a whole bunch of new goodies (StreetSneak t-shirts and stickers, and a bunch of new content), but we want to invite readers to submit their own Store Reports. It can be two sentences or two pages, and it doesn’t matter where you are on the globe. The more sets of eyes the better, and you will be doing a great service to your fellow sneaker heads. Even once we are back doing our own weekly Store Reports, any time you pop into a shop we would be interested to know what the experience was like.

Hit us up – – and tell us about any shops you’ve been to recently. You might just wind up at the top of our christmas list.


Cop or Not?

It’s been a minute since we ran a Cop or Not (our bread and butter) or posted a Dunk SB, and you know we’re all about multi-tasking at StreetSneak, so it seemed like the perfect time to fuse these two old favorites. Say what you will about the ubiquitous Dunk SB and its seeming mass production, they still put out some of the hottest shoes you will find. The yellow above is bold, but I’m kind of feeling them. What do you think?

Bargain Sneaking

This Thursday, Laced Ladies brings us to…Marshall’s?! These Vandal Extremely High’s are far better than the Sneakerletto’s from a few weeks ago, but nonetheless I can’t say that I’m surprised to see them being sold at a store featuring a “Home Goods” section. They aren’t fakes and they do achieve some level of fashionability,but I think we can pretty safely say that these are leftovers from a mostly failed experiment.

Your fashion opinions however don’t have to reflect those of the buying masses. Cast a vote and let us know how you really feel!

In Transit: DQM Lone Wolf

Waiting for the other?

Don’t know how. Don’t know why.

Spotted this Nike Dunk High flying solo on the downtown F platform at Delancey Street this past Saturday night. When one usually spots a ratty sneaker lying around NYC, the event doesn’t usually rank too high on the double-take meter. And it is most certainly not something to blog about…

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No Shoes Allowed

I had the pleasure of spending some time recently in Egypt, and while the shoe game over there wasn’t anything to blog about, I did want to share one picture. It is from the Mosque of Mohamed Ali at the Citadel, where no shoes were allowed. There was a spot at the entrance to leave your shoes as well as a throng of aspiring entrepreneurs selling drawstring bags to wear over your shoes for five Egyptian Pounds (roughly one American dollar). Most people however chose to carry their shoes.

Are you Copping Laced Ladies? Or Not?


Dudes, what do you think when you see a female rocking some serious kicks? If you were to run into the laced lady above with her snakeskin Air Force 1s, would you think to yourself ‘damn, I like her style’? Or is it just too much to mess with a chick who has a shoe game that might be tighter than your own? I personally like it when a girl can confidently incorporate some fresh sneakers into her outfit while still maintaining her femininity.

Poll time: what do you think of females with tight shoe games?

Triple Stan Smith Burger w/Cheese

Velcro edition

A little something I came across for you to feast your eyes on. Three beef patties, lettuce, tomato and cheese, with a crispy bun, served on asphalt.

Periodically I come across sneaker food pics like this, but I’m sure there are plenty that I haven’t seen. If you have any in your archives, please send to